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BHC Charlotte Madden by great-great-granddaughter Sharilynne St. Louis

My name is Sharilynne St.Louis, I am the great great granddaughter of Charlotte Madden, a BHC child and this is my story or should I say Charlotte's story.  My family search began in 2008 in search of my 2 half brothers that I did not know. I did find them! However, my interest did not stop when I found my brothers. I also discovered on a marriage certificate that one of my great great grandmo...
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52 Weeks of Ancestors – Week 23 | Robert and Thomas Joyce by BHC Daughter and Niece Sandra Joyce

My dad, Robert Joyce and I. (Sandra Joyce)
Growing up, we always thought that our family was small. Even though we had aunts and uncles and a grandmother on our mother’s side, they lived in far-off England . All we knew of them was that every year on our birthdays and at Christmas, small presents from overseas would arrive. We knew very little about our Dad’s family: his brother was ‘out west’ and his mother had died. His father had...
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52 Weeks of Ancestors Challenge – Week 20 | BHC Thomas Eveleigh, by granddaughter Cathy Smith

I didn't know much about my maternal grandfather, Thomas Eveleigh, and had a lot of trouble getting information from family. No one seemed to know anything. He had always told the family that he had come to Canada from Australia. As a youngster it never occurred to me to ask questions about my family heritage and as a result it wasn't until after my grandfather's death that I began to wonder. F...
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52 Weeks of Ancestors Challenge – Week 19 | George Adams by Kathryn Adams (great-granddaughter-in-law)

My husband and I have been together for over 20 years, share two children and live in an idyllic small town in Ontario. We are lucky to be close to his large extended family that live in and around this area. I have known my whole life that my mum was a Child Migrant and have spent the better part of the last two years researching her story and her family tree. She and I just completed a trip to E...
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52 Weeks of Ancestors – Week 18 | Henry Atcheson Thompson by BHC Daughter Ali Thompson

Everyone has a Story, this one started over 100 years ago! My dad, Henry Atcheson Thompson, lost both of his parents at the young age of 7 in 1908. My grandmother, his mom, died of TB at age 28 and their father left shortly thereafter. Before dad’s mom, Alice, died she made arrangements for her three young sons, Henry, Sheriff and Richard to go off to live with her well to do family which inclu...
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