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Andrew Doyle’s 1874 Report on child migrants sent to Canada mainly through Annie MacPherson and Maria Rye

    Click here to see a copy of :The Doyle Report In 1874, an inquiry was initiated in England after unfavourable reports had reached that country about some of the children who had been emigrated to Canada through Miss Maria Rye’s and Miss Annie MacPherson’s Homes. There had been rumours of mistreatment, improper placement and supervision of children and suggestions that so...
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Senator Billa Flint, Annie MacPherson and the Marchmont Homes in Belleville, Ontario

Senator Billa Flint from Belleville was one of Annie MacPherson’s staunchest allies and friends from the beginning of her work in bringing British Home Children to Canada. He was instrumental in helping her raise funds to provide a receiving home, called Marchmont, and supported her when she was under scrutiny by the British and Canadian governments. When allegations of mistreatment, improper pla...
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G. Bogue Smart – The only Canadian Inspector of British Immigrant Children and Receiving Homes

In 1900, the government of the Dominion of Canada felt it necessary to create a supervisory position to monitor the immigration of British children, in an attempt to address the rising tide of negative public opinion that had been instigated by the release of the critical Doyle Report in 1874. Despite the Act to Regulate the Immigration into Ontario of Certain Classes of Children (which was fol...
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Ellen Bilbrough and Reverand Robert Wallace and Marchmont House

In 1925 Marchmont House and all of its records were transferred to Barnardo’s who in turn, closed the institution that same year. Marchmont House, now an apartment complex, stands today as a reminder of the estimated 10,000 children who passed through its doors. Listed below are some of the sending organizations that used the placement services of Marchmont House: Annie Macpherson, Barnardo Ho...
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Maria Rye

For Maria Rye records for 1869-1879   email: [email protected]; records for 1880 – 1896 email: [email protected] Maria Rye's Receiving Home in Canada: Maria Rye’s Our Western Home,Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Maria Susan Rye was a social reformer born on March 31, 1829 in London, England. She was the daughter of Edward Rye, a solicitor and Maria Tuppen. Miss Rye was a leading figure in ...
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Annie MacPherson

Annie MacPherson The records held by Annie MacPherson and the Liverpool Sheltering Home were given to the Barnardo organization for safekeeping. Barnardo’s; Annie MacPherson’s and  Louisa Birt – Knowlton Home’s records are all held by Barnardo’s, including Marchmont and Stratford homes : email: [email protected]; website: www.barnardos.org.uk  Receiving or Distribution Homes in...
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