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Boy Scouts and Brighton Emigration Society

Boy Scouts

Over a period of ten years starting in the year 1922, the British Boy Scout Association were one of the many philanthropic organizations promoting  emigration. A Migration Department, with this purpose in mind, was opened at the Imperial Scout Headquarters.  

 The majority of the immigrant Scouts went to Australia but some went to Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Rhodesia.  Migration all but stopped due to the Depression  era and the lack of work available.

Brighton Emigration Society

Henry Willett

Henry Willett (born Catt in 1823) , was not only a wealthy founding father of Brighton Museum, he was also the founder of the Brighton Emigration Society. It was set up to aid poor people emigrate to Canada.

 He was a successful Brewer and property developer and invested in many successful ventures including utility companies in Western Australia. He was also a collector of paintings, porcelain and rock and fossils from the Brighton area that he eventually donated to his collections to the town of Brighton. His married well-off Frances Coombe,  who was from a landed West-Sussex family.

The Brighton Emigration Society ‘s office was located at 47 Market Street, Brighton.  Although concentrating on family immigration, some children were sent from the Industrial Schools of Brighton in 1872.