Annie MacPherson

The records held by Annie MacPherson and the Liverpool Sheltering Home were given to the Barnardo organization for safekeeping.

Barnardo’s; Annie MacPherson’s and  Louisa Birt – Knowlton Home’s records are all held by Barnardo’s, including Marchmont and Stratford homes : email:; website:

 Receiving or Distribution Homes in Canada:

 Annie MacPherson – Marchmont Homes on Kingston Road and Moira Street in Belleville (building’s address is now 159 Yeomans Street), ON; Knowlton Homes in Knowlton, Quebec; a Home in Galt ( now Cambridge, ON) and 51 Avon Street in Stratford, ON

Link to description of the Marchmont Homes

Link to Andrew Doyle’s 1874 Critical Report