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British Home Child Databases

In collaboration with Norah Dennis and Rootschat.com, the British Home Child Group International is delighted to announce that the British Home Children database is “open for business and is online.”

Access Database

If you have any questions about this registry after following the steps below, please PM Karen Mahoney on our Families Facebook page.  Thank you.


Access the BHC Database

Register with www.RootsChat.com by first clicking on the register button on the upper top left hand side of the home page and follow the instructions.  It is FREE and is the UK’s largest family HISTORY forum with over 200,000 members. We hope that you connect with someone.

To Log into your RootsChat account

  • Step 1 – go to www.rootschat.com
  • Step 2 – in the upper left hand corner click on “login”
  • Step 3 – Login with username and password
  • Step 4 – click login


To get to the BHC Database

  • Step 1 – on RootsChat Home page scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Step 2 – Under “Your Tools” click on “Reference Library”
  • Step 3 – Click on Database for “Special Interest Groups”
  • Step 4 – Under “If Your Ancestors Were”, click on the dropdown menu
  • Step 5 – Click on British Home Children and then click “Select Special Interest Group”
  • Congratulations you are there!


The blue buttons allow you to do a quick search, advanced search, find others with the same interests, add a record, edit a record or ask for help.

Over 21,000 records have been added from the original database, so before adding your data, please search it carefully, to see if your records are already there.

If you find any records of your ancestors (or research interests), you can add yourself to the list of researchers for this person, add comments to the record, and contact the submitter per PM.

If there is no submitter (e.g. original database) contact the Content Administrators.

  • The Content Administrators for the “DBSIG British Home Children” is BHCGI President KarenM  and  alanmack
  • For technical questions, problems and suggestions for improvements, please post on the topic: DBSIG: British Home Children